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Data loss issue test and results

Oct 14, 2015 at 4:49 PM
Today I've decided to check if I still loose my data :)
Here what I've got -

This is console application project with nuget packages WebSocket4Net and SuperWebSocket.
Results is strange. Sometime test completes without errors, but sometimes clients stops to send data. Not sure, but errors happens when some clients done it's work and disconnects from server. Please take a look at this test and run it few times (I repeat - I do not know exact error conditions, just be patient and wait untill you'll get it). Also code contains two test logs with errors where you may see that 4 of 5 clients disconnected but one still working in state "data sent".
Client closed and 1 still working
Session 1fbde0f5-5559-459e-b8f4-0782ce15188f closed
Client s:473326 r:473325 rps:10464 up:1
Server s:473325 r:473325 rps:10464
Client s:473326 r:473325 rps:0 up:1
Server s:473325 r:473325 rps:0
As you can see there is still one working client and according to log this client sent data and server did not received it.

I admit there could be errors in SuperWebSocket server also, but I had never been complained about data loss on this server with JavaScript or win8 WebSocket clients.

Well about test parametes. Setup
to true/false to get tested message and binary data flow.
Program.StartClients(int num, int tests) 
Specify number of clients to start and number of data packets to be sent for each client.

Thanks in advance. Hope this will help to create much better and stable WebSocket4Net implementation!
Oct 14, 2015 at 4:57 PM
Thanks very much!

I'll take some time to test it.