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Jul 12, 2014 at 1:12 AM
Hi, thanks, thanks, and many thanks for this and all related projects. Useful for production and learning.

I have a question about commands. Supersocket and superwebsocket find custom command classes by reflection as i read. But when it comes to WEbSocket4Net i am lost. I see there is a private non accesible m_CommandDict that stores instances of the 'BadRequest','Handshake' and other commands that inherit from WebSocketCommandBase, below Command folder. With basic configuration the 'DraftHybi00DataReader.cs' is the one that retrieves the command instance to execute when data is received, but as i see it only returns Text, BufferSegments, Close or null commands, not custom classes.

Yep, to many words to only ask: how can i implement commands on data received on websocket4net client?