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a .NET websocket client implementation.

It originated from SuperWebSocket WebSocket Client. For better developing of the websocket client, it was separated from SuperWebSocket and was renamed to WebSocket4Net.

WebSocket4Net will provide websocket client implementation for many different kinds of runtime:

  • .Net 2.0
  • .Net 3.5
  • .Net 4.0
  • Mono
  • Silverlight
  • WindowsPhone
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS   


It is compatible with many websocket drafts:

  • Hybi-00
  • Hybi-10
  • RFC6455


NuGet Package

Xamarin Component Package


Demo code:  


using WebSocket4Net;
WebSocket websocket = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:2012/");
websocket.Opened += new EventHandler(websocket_Opened);
websocket.Error += new EventHandler<ErrorEventArgs>(websocket_Error);
websocket.Closed += new EventHandler(websocket_Closed);
websocket.MessageReceived += new EventHandler(websocket_MessageReceived);

private void websocket_Opened(object sender, EventArgs e)
     websocket.Send("Hello World!");



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